I am represented by the ADR Agency, 1-888-902-3414.  I am 65 years old, 5'​ tall.  I am a character actress/standup comedienne/writer. I had my breakout role in the indie film, "Charlie & The Block."  Television credits include "Hawaii-Five-O" and "Adam Devine's House Party."  Film credits include:  "Slap Her, She's French,"​ "Serving Sara,"​ "The Riff,"​ "Hit Man,"​ "Holiday in Her Heart,"​ and "Painted Hero." Other television credits:  Two episodes of "PCW Wrestling"​ (principal roles), and two episodes of "Walker, Texas Ranger."​  Commercials:  Disney - Aulani Resort commercial; a Nike commercial that played during a Superbowl; and a Marcus Cable commercial. Theatre credits include principal roles in "Sorry, Wrong Chimney;"​ "The Toy Maker;"​ and "Let's Hear It for Me."   I have performed stand up comedy in Waikiki at the Mars Comedy Club; Dallas and Arlington, Texas, at the Back Door Comedy Showcase, Hyenas and Rhino's Pub.  My training:  Eric Nemoto's Scene Study Classes; the University of North Texas (RTVF); Theatre Arts at Texas Woman's University; KD Studios (Scene Study and On-Camera Acting; and Ellie Kanner's Casting Director's Workshop (Los Angeles). Special abilities include riding horses (English and Western).
I have also taught college - U.S. History, U.S. Government, Texas History, Texas Government, and English Composition.  I am a published author; I have also penned six screenplays.  
I have an MA in U.S. History with a minor in U.S. Government with an emphasis on legal study, and 21 credit hrs. toward a PhD in English. I am well versed in Open Source Intelligence Gathering and can read 1,189 words per minute with comprehension. In 2013, I completed my coursework at Hawaii Pacific University for an MA in Diplomacy/Military Studies (Counterterrorism), GPA 3.5.  I also have legal experience in research and the drafting of legal documents.
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