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Joel Quinones - SAG-AFTRA

February 3, 2016


Presently filming "City Inside the City" (lead role)


And "Soldiers of Fortune" (lead role)


Outstanding screen presence, timing, Joel has it all!


Puerto Rican born, Dominican-American actor Joel Quinones grew


up between the streets of New York City and Santo Domingo. Raised


by his mother, Joel learned the importance of hard work and


independence from a young age. While studying at Brooklyn College


and LaGuardia College, he discovered acting as an artistic and


emotional outlet.



He has since gone on to work in a variety of television, film, webisode


and theatre projects as a bilingual Spanish & English SAG-AFTRA


artist. His first feature length film project, "Soldiers of Fortune," will


debut later this fall. In it, he portrays George Makilos, a troubled


mercenary struggling to survive international conflicts in his quest for


a life of freedom. Joel can also be seen in roles on the TV series "Dead


Beat" and "Blue Bloods."



Please check out


for a list of latest roles!

Actor demo reel:




Joel is known for his exceptional work on "The Adderall Diaries"


(2015), "TNT: Always on the Run" (2014), and "Hitting Rock Bottom" (2012).








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