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How to Avoid Getting "Writer's Block" FOREVER

August 25, 2016


 I have been writing for over fifty years - feature stories for newspapers/magazines, poetry, scripts, columns, short stories, the obligatory papers for college, theses, and dissertations, oh, also obituaries...


I also taught writing in college.  There is some advice that I have about writing that I think might help people, and since I have around 8,000 connections on LinkedIn, if I can work my magic on just one person, it will be worth it.


And magic it is.  


Creative people are born with something extra.  This becomes apparent even when they are very young.  Imagination is a wonderful gift (until you realize that imagination magnifies worry/suspicion, etc., but I digress).


The important thing about this gift is that you not let it control you.  Ideas will come to you at a time when it is convenient for them, and not necessarily for you.  Imagination has to become a partner, and not your driving force.  If you must write down a thought or two, that's fine, but don't worry, these ideas will come back to you.  When a writer sits down to compose, it's like opening a vein.  You are so connected to a different world, this will always happen.  


If you can close the doors, you can open them.


If you can shut off the flow of your imagination, you can turn it on again, too.  You, as a creative individual, have this power.  Don't let this wonderful gift drive you into a room for days, ruin dates/time with friends/vacations/family time. Like I said, jotting an idea or two down is okay, but then stop.  I promise you, the next time you sit down to write, that information stored in your brain will still be there.  You can't help it; that's who and what you are.  Good for you!


And a cluttered room helps, too.  Nothing kills creativity like a neat room; bring on the chaos, I say!  Writers must be anarchists (to paraphrase Sam Rockwell's quote about actors).



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