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Richard King - Destined for Greatness

February 3, 2016


          Richard King, only 21 years old, is THE future

of Rhythm and Blues!



A few days before Christmas, I was driving along Snake Road on the


North Shore of Oahu, headed to Waikiki, and I heard the most


compelling voice on the radio.  I had to pull over and listen, and when


I learned the name of the artist, I just knew I would have to find out


more about him.  He sounded so joyful, just effortlessly hitting notes


that would be impossible for most people!



King is only 21 years old, which makes this all the more remarkable!


He has a unique stage presence; you know you are looking at


greatness.  No doubt about it!



Please see his website, http://www.sirrichardking.com/


for his latest work and his music video, "Plus One." Also


featured are: Interrogation Room, and Thoughts of a King, via






Under the guidance of legendary producer and artist developer Troy


Taylor, King records, edits, and mixes his own work.  











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