June 4, 2019



Dogs in the Morning



Dogs, needing no grace period between sleeping and waking,

Greet the morning of a new day with dizzy glee,

Flying through the air like dust on sunbeams,

Converging upon the slumbering owner with scrabbling paws,

Frantic with joy.





Three Dog Night


Three dogs – a Chihuahua and two Great Danes!

The punctuation says it all; it suffices.

Sleeping and dreaming all together, the dogs and I.

Waking at midnight, I hear the dogs talking in their sleep.

The Chihuahua alternately snores and whispers.

The old Great Dane murmurs loudly and stretches,

The puppy occasionally shrieks with delight;

They all run in their sleep.

The night passes contentedly, dogs talking and singing,

Following a trail through the mist of dreams until morning.




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