The Return of Pied

August 7, 2020





            I believe in the power of love, that the world bows in awe of love.  It is


God’s signature for us to see because every living thing recognizes love.


            With that being said, my Chihuahua companion of 18 years recently


passed away.  His story is on the blog right before this one.  His demise was


quick but not unexpected, and I barely had enough time to ask him if he saw


an angel yet, and to tell him that as soon as he did, to go to that angel.  His


answer was his little tail wagging furiously in greeting to someone only he


could see, then he was gone, racing through the mists of Heaven.  “I didn’t


mean right now,” I wailed inside, and I almost tried to call him back.


            That was January 18th.  I just couldn’t believe that he was gone; we


had such a strong bond of love.  It couldn’t be over.  Evidently, he didn’t think


so either.


            I think he begged the powers that be to let him come back.  They were


probably surprised by this. And after he had been shown what a wonderful


place Heaven was!  But he said that he couldn’t leave me.  And he could


neither be dissuaded nor comforted.  He had heard what I had said at his


burial: “If love could keep you alive, you’d be alive forever.”


          The angels talked among themselves and then presented his case.


          The turn around was two days. He was born not far from here, only two


days later. I believe they fast-tracked him because of his tearful insistence and




            See for yourself!  I found him on Easter Sunday. He has the identical


markings that he wore in his old life. He came to me knowing all his old tricks,


and we stayed up past midnight for the first two months, just marveling at the


power of love and the goodness of God.










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